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After Sun Rescue + Repair Brightening Serum

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Our breakthrough silicone-free serum offers the ultimate in sun damaged skin rescue and repair. Apply AM & PM, this formula works as a crucial line of defense to neutralize environmental toxins, provide advanced anti-aging and brightening activity to improve skin tone, texture, brightness and clarity.

Arabidopsis Thaliana (Roxisomes) – work as mDNA repair enzymes that repair the damage done by oxidative stress that would otherwise lead to cell death.

Artemisia Vulgaris Extract (from the Mugwort plant) – rich in amino acids, proteins and cell membrane carbohydrates. A powerful anti-irritant and anti- inflammatory agent that reduces redness and irritation.

Cyperus Papyrus Leaf Cell Extract – Stem cells stimulate production of essential lipids to help optimize skin cell condition, enhancing defense against damage and minimizing water loss. Hydrates by, helping to rebuild the hydrolipidic film, to maintain the cohesion of epidermis that provides skin suppleness and softness.

Haberlea Rhodopensis Leaf Extract – Resurrection plant develops molecules to survive drought stress. This extract increases skin elasticity and enhances skin radiance.

Pichia Resveratrol Ferment Extract – Significantly down-regulates cyclooxygenase, a key indicator of inflammation. Inflammation contributes to physical signs of aging. Also up-regulates collagen IV, which over time promotes elasticity and produces a micro-lifting of the skin.

Physalis Angulata Extract -from a Brazilian rainforest plant, an anti-inflammatory and helps soften the skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate – provides deep cell hydration.

Ubiquinone (CoQ10) – provides superior antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

Oligopeptide-68,  Oligopeptide-51 and hydroquinone-free Chromabright®  – help diminish brown age spots and hyperpigmentation, while brightening skin’s appearance.

Morus Alba Leaf Extract – due to naturally occurring components mulberroside A and F, helps prevent excess melanin production and reduces new melanin formation in skin.

Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract – increases circulation, acts as an anti-inflammatory for soothing the skin and scavenges free radicals.

EcoSunComplex® –  composed of:

  • Red Algae – this source of super antioxidant astaxanthin defends skin against environmental damage while helping it to hold onto water for a fresh and dewy complexion.
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate – this oil-soluble and uniquely stable form of vitamin C is readily absorbed into the skin, delivering potent antioxidant protection and promotes more even skin tone.
  • Vitamin E – helps protect from ultra violet light, pollution, and other elements that produce cell damaging free radicals. It also has the ability to regulate vitamin A in the body, which is important for healthy skin.
  • Bisabolol – a powerful extract from chamomile, this potent skin soother that helps calm and moisturize skin.

Size: 30ml / 1 fl oz

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