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Dehydrated Sweet Potato, Persimmon and Kiwi 25 gr

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It is an ideal food supplement for all audiences and an inexhaustible source of essential vitamins and nutrients.

The sweet potato is a tuber highly appreciated for its sweet taste and nutritional value.

Kiwi is one of the healthiest fruits that exist.

The Nat Hey dehydrated product mix allows the combination of nutrients and vitamins.

The alliance of the sweet potato with two fruits such as kiwi and persimmon represents a perfect cocktail for the recommended daily intake and a natural way to increase defenses and improve our quality of life.

Mix of Sweet Potato, Persimmon and Kiwi Dehydrated one hundred percent natural, without additives or preservatives and without added sugars, it is perfect to take as an aperitif or snack in the afternoon.

Suitable for any type of consumer.
– Without gluten
– Suitable for vegans
– Without added sugar, it contains the sugar of the food
– No additives or preservatives
– Without frying
– Suitable for people with dairy intolerance

Consuming 25 g of sweet potato, persimmon and dehydrated kiwi gives us:
– Physical and mental energy
– Supports the immune system
– Does not retain liquids
– Improves blood and bone circulation
– Reduces stress and nerves
– Provides benefits for the skin

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