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A book selection concerning matters that will allow you improve not only your nourishment and healthy habits, but will also make you feel renewed and revitalized. A content especially selected so you can achieve a balance between body, mind and spirit.

“ A book is strengh, is value, is nourishment; thought torch and spring of love”

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    Wag our tails!

    38,00 VAT Included

    Eat healthy with Melanie

    25,00 VAT Included

    The Power of Healthy Food

    28,00 VAT Included

    El Poder de la Nutrición Saludable (SPANISH version of “the power of healthy food”)

    28,00 VAT Included
    The SHA recipies to live longer and betterBooks

    The SHA recipes to live longer and better

    28,00 VAT Included
    Las Recetas SHA para vivir más y mejorBooks

    Las Recetas SHA para vivir más y mejor

    28,00 VAT Included


    17,00 VAT Included
    Usted puede sanar su VidaBooks

    Usted puede sanar su Vida

    9,00 VAT Included
    The China StudyBooks

    The China Study

    18,00 VAT Included
    Nutrición, Energética y SaludBooks

    Nutrición, Energética y Salud

    14,00 VAT Included
    Macrobiótica para tiBooks

    Macrobiótica para ti

    36,00 VAT Included
    La Dieta Preventiva del CáncerBooks

    La Dieta Preventiva del Cáncer

    25,00 VAT Included
    Inteligencia EmocionalBooks

    Inteligencia Emocional

    22,00 VAT Included
    El Estudio de ChinaBooks

    El Estudio de China

    18,00 VAT Included
    Out of stock
    El equilibrio a través de la Alimentación

    El equilibrio a través de la Alimentación

    24,00 VAT Included
    Dulces Sin CulpaBooks

    Dulces Sin Culpa

    29,00 VAT Included
    Curación NaturalBooks

    Curación Natural

    20,00 VAT Included
    Cuando digo No, me siento culpableBooks

    Cuando digo No, me siento culpable

    12,00 VAT Included
    Comer AnimalesBooks

    Comer Animales

    27,00 VAT Included
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