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Wag our tails!

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We all want our gorgeous dogs to be super happy – with sparkling eyes, a shiny coat, wet nose and wagging tails. But have you thought about how a different diet could benefit your beloved pooch’s well-being and longevity? Food and health expert Melanie Waxman shares her kitchen secrets and reveals how her simple and healthy recipes, developed over decades with her own dogs, can dramatically improve your dog’s life and mood. Some of the dishes are so yummy, they may cause some human salivating and a teeny taste too. Wag Our Tails! also contains fascinating information about foods that have a warming or cooling affect, amazing superfoods, the use of essential oils, the benefits of acupuncture, dog communication and much more. When we nourish our gorgeous dogs with fresh and local foods we also help to lower our carbon paw print which means a win win for all.

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