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Immun Age 3G 30 Sachets

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Immun’Age is a supplement that naturally stimulates the defenses, also favors liver detoxification and decreases oxidative stress, eliminating excess free radicals and stimulating enzymes such as superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase. It also helps combat the effects of jet lag.

Immun’Age in a food supplement that prevents cellular oxidation, giving balance to our body. It prevents free radicals from damaging the cells of our body, making them more long-lived.
In addition Immun Age increases cellular metabolism, promotes the function and development of energy-generating mitochondria and the performance in our cells. By providing more vitality and energy, we will feel less tired
Immun’Age stimulates natural defenses increasing immunity, increases the level of interferons and activates lymphocytes, with the consequent improvement of immunity against infections and diseases.
Immun’Âge is a product recommended by the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Professor Luc Montagnier.
INDICATIONS of Immun’Age Osato:
• Anti-aging.
• Stimulate natural defenses to prevent diseases.
• Improve the quality of life by protecting against free radical oxidants.
• Reduce the increased oxidative stress (chronic diseases, tobacco, alcohol, pollution, sun exposure virus, …) improving the quality of life.
• Elite athletes seeking high performance and rapid repair to oxidative stress generated by intense sports practice.
• Depressed immune system (colds, sore throat …).
• In children, the elderly and people who have repeated infections.
• People who need to improve the expression of the GSTM1 gene.

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