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Quinton Hypertonic 30 blisters 10 ml

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It allows the revitalization and remineralization every time a high but natural supply of all the electrolytes and minerals necessary for a maximum functioning of the organic metabolism is sought.

30 drinkable ampoules of 10 ml of hypertonic sea water. It can be used when seeking an immediate revitalizing therapeutic effect for the body or to prevent wear and tear before a major effort, both physical and mental, ensuring the recovery of the body.

It is an aid in:

Situations of physical and mental exhaustion

Anorexia, asthenia and depressions

Weight retardation


Orthostatic syncope and hypotension

· Intense sports training.

· Any pathology related to an ionic imbalance.

Laboratory: Quinton

10 ml cold microfiltered sea water.

For 60 ml:

Chloride: 1,190 mg 150% VNR * Magnesium: 70 mg 18% VNR * (Nutritional Reference Values).

Active dosage:

2 drinkable hypertonic ampoules in the morning and 2 drinkable hypertonic ampoules at noon.

Maintenance dosage:

1 hypertonic drinkable ampoule in the morning and 1 hypertonic drinkable ampoule at noon.

Some of the components are sublingual assimilation, therefore it is recommended to take it this way.

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