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Sha Healthy Hair 30 cap

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Food supplement based on vegetable oils, biotin, zinc and selenium for healthy hair maintenance. SHA Healthy Hair is indicated to help prevent or treat hair loss caused by hormonal alterations, nutrient deficit or due to advancing age.

It is a product formulated with vegetable oils, vitamins and minerals to help maintain healthy hair and, at the same time, prevent its fall.

Of special note in its composition is NatursynTM oil, a combination of different fatty acids extracted from flaxseed, wheat germ, borage and saw palmetto (Serenoa repens), and pine and rye bark extracts.

All form a complex rich in lignans, phytosterols and antioxidants that contribute to reduce: the lack of microcirculation at the level of the hair follicle and the microinflammation of this area.

In addition, it contains biotin, a vitamin of recognized use to help treat hair loss.

The minerals zinc and selenium are other important components of this product, because their lack or alterations in obtaining them are related to hair loss.

In this way, all the components present in SHA Healthy Hair act synergistically, favoring the healthy maintenance of the hair and helping to prevent hair loss.

Indications of the product:

Alopecia in men and women of all ages.
Help prevent hair loss in menopause or hormonal imbalances.
Inflammation of the scalp.
Weakness of hair caused by nutritional deficiencies.
Reinforcement of brittle hair

Su combinación de diferentes aceites vegetales, entre los que destaca el aceite de Serenoa repens contribuye a mejorar la micro circulación, a reducir la micro inflamación y el acumulo

de sebo en el folículo piloso. Contiene biotina, selenio y zinc para la salud capilar.

30 cápsulas.

Tomar 1 perla al día o según le indique su médico o nutricionista.

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