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Ubiquinol CoQ10

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It is the reduced form of CoQ-10, and is an important part of the Coenzyme Q10 cycle that must be present in the body for energy production.

Since almost 90% of the Ubiquinone consumed in the diet is converted to Ubiquinol, a Ubiquinol supplement may be more advisable in people who may have a poor conversion of Ubiquinone to Ubiquinol.

Ubiquinol improves cardiac energy production and protects the heart against oxidative stress, counteracts LDL oxidation, reduces the level of Lp (a) (the risk factor for cardiovascular disease), decreases blood viscosity and improves function of the endothelium.

Ubiquinones are insoluble in water and participate in a variety of oxidation / reduction reactions.

Average content (per pearl):Ubiquinol (CoQH2; reduced form of CoQ10) – 100 mg

Ingredients: Ubiquinol (CoQ10), pearl: lemon oil (citrus limonium L.), gelatin, glycerin, water, antioxidants; caprylic acid, capric acid, alpha lipoic acid; color: liquid caramel.

Net content: 30 g.

How to use:

Take one pearl a day with food or a glass of water.

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