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Ursolic Acid: increases muscle mass, reduces fat and improves recovery.

Ursolic acid is one of the innovations in sports supplementation that is revolutionizing the world of nutrition the most due to its effects both at the level of muscle development and to reduce fat.

Improves physical performance, both in strength and endurance.

Ursolic acid is a widely researched compound with surprising health benefits, but in addition to those that were already known, the latest studies carried out specifically with the ursolic acid contained in apple skin have shown that this compound can be useful to increase the muscle mass and decrease the percentage of body fat.

Ursolic acid is a chemical compound formed by 30 carbons that is found in various plant species, mainly those belonging to the Labiatae family, where we find plants that can be very useful to keep us in a good state of health and well-being, such as mint, sage, marjoram and lavender.

However, the best sources of ursolic acid do not belong to this family but are found in various fruits: apples, pears, plums, and blueberries.

Daily dose: 6 capsules

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