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Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea

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The best earl grey lavender tea blends tradition with a twist, and that’s certainly the case with this delicious mix of Darjeeling estate, Ceylon and Oolong tea paired with Oil of Bergamot and a taste of French super blue lavender.

Named after Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl of Grey in Victorian England, this classic has been the choice of many tea aficionados like you for centuries — but it’s never had the sweetness of lavender making it extra special.

One bonus of this lavender black tea blend is the higher caffeine count than many other teas.

Besides giving you a boost when you’re lagging, caffeinated drinks, like this award-winning Earl Grey, in moderation may help improve digestion and heart function.

A 30-count of earl grey tea allows you a cup a day for a whole month, so Earl Grey fans can have their favorite on a regular basis.

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