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Shiitake 25 gr

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Selection of CULTIVATED SHIITAKE mushrooms

Lentinula edodes: Delicious mushroom of Asian origin with a very fleshy texture, intense flavor and a penetrating smell of wood.

Highly appreciated for its excellent nutritional and antioxidant qualities and for its high concentration of vitamin D and minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium.

Culinary uses

Al natural in salads.
Sauteed as an appetizer or starter.
Cooked as an ingredient in soups and creams, béchamel, scrambled eggs, rice, pasta, vegetable stew and as a garnish for meat and fish.

  • To hydrate them, soak in water with a little salt for at least 5 hours. The water of hydration can be used to enrich rice, pasta, soups, creams or sauces.
  • If the dehydrated mushrooms are to be used in a dish that needs cooking, add the mushrooms directly as one more ingredient without having to hydrate them previously.

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